What others say about High Park Demons?

When I first heard The Desert, I could not move for hours. I was at my home and I put the record on while I was lying on the bed and I did not move for hours after listening to it. It was as if someone put on an entire part of the country on […]

The best High Park Demons albums

Talking about the discography of a band like High Park Demons is not an easy task. It is a band that constantly changed directions and that was always trying to invent a new sound and new melodies that would let the world know where they are at and what [...] Continue Reading…

High Park Demons – the biography of the band

One thing that is very interesting about the High Park Demons is that they were no one’s first band. The two guys that have been the backbone of the band form its beginnings played in another band of their own, called Stone Gyroscope. We are, of course, talking about [...] Continue Reading…

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